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Medication is required for regulating and treating symptoms, whether you have a chronic disease or an acute condition such as a sore throat. Still, for your medications to be effective, you must follow the specific medication schedule and take them as prescribed.

For some people, this may be problematic due to swallowing difficulties, allergies, nausea or vomiting, fear of choking, the likelihood of forgetting to take medications regularly due to the need for preparation, and so on. Additionally, you may have an aversion to the drug owing to its unpleasant taste or odor, or you may have difficulties administering medications to children or adults with mental health issues.

Compounding medications might be the answer.

Why Compounding Medications?

Pharmacists often suggest compounding medications as a way to ensure patients are taking their medications as prescribed. Compounding medications are pharmaceuticals tailored to a single patient’s needs. Personalized creams, patches, and troches help avoid digestive side effects, so they are a fantastic alternative if you have swallow concerns or struggle with medication adherence for any of the reasons listed above. By mixing various FDA-approved substances to match a patient’s specific needs, pharmacists use compounding medications to improve medication adherence and the patient’s health and well-being.

What is a Troche?

A troche is a tiny, solid tablet that dissolves slowly beneath the tongue, allowing its medicinal components to enter and gradually absorb into the bloodstream. When placed under the tongue, a lozenge usually takes about 30 seconds to dissolve.

What is a Troche Common Use?

In modern medicine, troches are used as an alternative to traditional oral medications like pills and liquids for various conditions, such as:

Hormone replacement therapy: Troches are frequently used to deliver hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Many patients prefer them because they may transfer hormones straight into the circulation, avoiding the liver and reducing potential adverse effects.

Pain management: Some pain treatments are administered as troches for faster relief, especially when swallowing tablets is problematic or when a quick effect is needed.

Psychiatric conditions: Some psychiatric drugs, especially ones that need to stay steady in the blood, can be given as troches to make dosing more consistent.

Pediatric medicine: Troches can be a tastier and less scary treatment for children with difficulty swallowing tablets or liquids.

Treatment of Mucosal Conditions: Because they can have a local effect, troches are suitable for treating conditions that affect the mouth and throat.

What is NataTroche and How Can It Benefit You?

NataTroche is a new troche base from PCCA made with natural ingredients and many fatty acids that make troches soft and taste great, camouflaging medicines that taste bitter, like the hormone progesterone. Because it is so smooth and creamy, you might feel like you are enjoying a small piece of white chocolate. Because it’s made of natural ingredients, NataTroche is a great option for those who prefer compound medications with natural ingredients.

What are the Advantages of NataTroche vs. the Standard Pill

Improved absorption. A troche contains active medical components, just like any other typical pill. The main difference between a lozenge and a regular pill is how the body absorbs them. Most traditional drugs are broken down in the stomach by acids before they are sent to the liver to be further processed. While this is usually fine, some medicines, like those used in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), lose their effectiveness when they come in contact with digestive acids.

Unlike most traditional pills, medications given through NataTroche don’t go to the digestive system but straight into the bloodstream, which increases medication absorption.

Swallowing challenges. For children, older adults, and other patients who have difficulty swallowing pills or capsules, converting the drug into a troche that dissolves under the tongue provides an excellent oral option.

Better medication adherence: NataTroche tastes better than other standard troche bases, which makes it more likely that the patient will follow through.

Troches are liver- and gut-friendly. Compared to standard medicines, NataTroche is easier on the liver because it goes straight into the bloodstream. By the time it reaches the liver, it has already been processed more thoroughly than in the digestive system.

Additionally, individuals with irritable bowel syndrome frequently have extremely sensitive guts that are vulnerable to damage from strong medications. Because they reduce how much medicine goes into your digestive system, compounding medications like NataTroche can be very helpful in these situations.