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About Our Pharmacy

Your favorite community pharmacy

ADKOA Pharmacy is an independent community pharmacy that plays a pivotal role in your health care. However, rather than calling it patient-centered care, we prefer to take an individual approach. From our perspective, patient refers to a person receiving clinical care while individuals are human beings and each one is different. Our care is tailored to each individual’s needs and choices. At ADKOA pharmacy, you are the center of everything we do.

ADKOA pharmacy was founded nearly a decade ago on the belief that access to health care should be simple, convenient, and comprehensive. We continuously work to achieve your satisfaction by placing emphasis on seeking and implementing cutting-edge industry research to enhance your experience.

Medical care is increasingly fragmented with various medical specialists and professionals meeting separate needs of patients, with little overall management.  ADKOA pharmacy believes there should be a holistic approach to successfully manage conditions that allow you to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

At ADKOA Pharmacy, we offer convenient prescription drop off, pick-up and delivery services. Additionally, our friendly staff are knowledgeable and Bilingual (English and Spanish).

Our Mission

To provide a high class “customer” centered service

Professionals in our pharmacy

Friendly, knowledgeable and bilingual (English and Spanish) staff

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Cutting-edge technology & Professional Pharmacists

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