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Dr. Adwoa Addai


Dr. Addai has been a licensed pharmacist since 2008. She is dedicated to providing excellent clinical services and care to her patients. Her enthusiasm for offering customized pharmaceutical compounding and high-quality nutraceuticals demonstrates her commitment to a personalized approach to healthcare. This combination of skills and passion greatly benefit the well-being of her patients. In addition, she is a Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist, Medication Therapy Management provider, a certified HIV pharmacist and a certified immunization pharmacist.

Dr. Addai’s journey in the field of pharmacy is impressive and full of growth and accomplishments. Attending the University of Cincinnati in Ohio provided her with a strong educational foundation. Her experience working in retail and hospital pharmacies in Ohio, Maryland, and Virginia gave her valuable insights into the industry and patient care.

She continued to become a Pharmacist-In-Charge in a 340B, HIV pharmacy in the District of Columbia where she managed a team of fifteen employees including precepting students from Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Crieghton, John Fischer and Howard University schools of Pharmacy in a high-growth environment.

She has completed the highly regarded Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) Core Compounding and Hormone Replacement Therapy specialization training.

Dr. Addai is excited to open ADKOA Pharmacy. This venture allows her to combine her passion for clinical services, customized compounding, and nutraceuticals with her managerial expertise, ultimately providing patients with top-notch care and services.
Adwoa is a strong believer in continuous education, researching and gaining knowledge on new therapeutics, health technics and technology to ensure she can provide best health outcomes for her patients.

Adwoa is married with 3 boys and enjoys listening to music, hiking, and cooking.

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Certified immunization pharmacist

ADKOA Pharmacy is an independent community pharmacy that plays a pivotal role in a “patient” centered care. Instead of calling it “patient” centered care, we refer to it as “customer” centered care. “Patient” refers to a person receiving care usually without choice while “customer” refers to a consumer with choice. At ADKOA pharmacy, you are the center of everything we do.