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Weight gain and obesity impact 69% of individuals. Testing can uncover whether hormonal imbalances are at the core of your weight gain.

Frequent hormone-related causes of weight gain often involve the following situations:

Estrogen & Progesterone Imbalances: Can lead to weight gain in the hips and thighs, water retention, and a sluggish metabolism.

Low Testosterone or DHEA: Can result in decreased lean muscle mass, a lowered metabolic rate, increased body fat, and abdominal obesity.

Elevated Evening Cortisol Levels: Can lead to insomnia, increased sugar cravings, a feeling of tiredness yet being alert, heightened abdominal fat and anxiety.

Diminished Morning Cortisol Levels: Can cause low energy, persistent fatigue, reduced exercise tolerance or recovery, and lowered immune reserves.

Vitamin D2 or D3 Deficiency: Associated with hyperinsulinemia and increased abdominal fat.

Elevated TSH Levels: Can lead to hypothyroidism, a reduced metabolic rate, and obesity.

Heightened Insulin Levels: Indicative of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and abdominal obesity.

Elevated HbA1c Levels: Predictive of type 2 diabetes.

Hormones tested by saliva and fingerstick blood spot are 10.